Essay about Why I Want To Become A Nurse

Nursing is more than a profession. It connects people. A nurse is the only person who will take care of you when you’re sick. They will treat you as if you were their child, and ensure that you feel comfortable and well.

Why I want to become a nurse Essay 10 lines (100-150 Words).

1) I have always wanted to be a nurse since childhood.
2) Because of the selfless care they provide for each patient, I would like to be a nurse.
3) A nurse is always available to assist us if we are injured.
4) I am a nurse because I love to take care of people.
5) I was inspired by the work of nurses during corona pandemic.
6) Nurses are strong and brave, and I want to be like them.
7) They gave me the courage to pursue this career with their white uniform.
8) I find the politeness of nurses towards their patients to be my favourite.
9) Their dedication and hard work motivates me to do this job.
10) I am a nurse and want to help people without pain.

Essay 1 (250 words) – Why do I want to become a nurse?

people fear the injection. But have you ever considered that if
everyone behaves in the same manner, who will take care of us?
Who will administer our medicines? And who will care for our wounds? It is actually a nurse who takes care of everything when we are in the hospital. I’ve met many nurses and they were all the same. They are there to help the patient in their absence and provide treatment.

What inspires me to become a nurse?
There are many reasons you might want to become a nurse, but the most important is:
  • They are courageous and I have witnessed one in action during the corona epidemic. The medical staff was praised by Shri Narendra Modi, our Prime Minister. I’ve seen nurses care for small children who were separated from their mothers. They were kind and compassionate and created a new image for society.
  • The second inspiration for me is a nurse. They get to help people. It’s very noble to offer help to someone who is not well. It is a great way to help someone in pain. Not everyone has the opportunity to do this. I would like to be a nurse.

Every profession has its positives. It is an honour to be a nurse. I would love to be a nurse. They are always there to motivate their patients and ensure that they get well soon. They are awake all night, but we sleep. They are heroes, and they rarely get recognized.

Essay 2 (400 words) – Nursing is a Beautiful Profession

While we all know that God is not real, many of us have witnessed people help us in ways that make us feel that God sent them. This same feeling is experienced when we are ill and our nurses and doctors take care of us. While doctors may visit us from time to time and nurses care for us throughout the day, we are not dependent on them. They keep us awake so we can fall asleep peacefully.

History of Nursing Profession
It was Florence Nightingale, a British woman who was the first nurse in the world. She visited an orphanage and hospital in Egypt during a cultural trip. After that, she decided to become a doctor. Even though her family wouldn’t allow her to, she decided to pursue nursing as a career.
was also awarded the title “a lady with a lamp”, and she wrote many
books about nursing. The Queen also gave her the Royal Red Cross.
Each year, we celebrate International Nursing Day on the 12th of May. It’s her birthday.
Mother Teresa is also a famous name. She dedicated her life to nursing the sick and helping the poor. Her extraordinary service to society in 1979 earned her the Noble Peace prize. People began to call her Mother Teresa because she treated everyone as a mother, and helped them all like a mother. She was a remarkable person who lived in India. She was a saint and a strong advocate for Christianity and humanity.

How to become a nurse?
  • To choose a career as a nurse, one must have taken Biology at school. One should also continue their studies in this subject.
  • After finishing academics, you should pursue a B.Sc. in nursing. This program is 4 years long. This course is open to both male and female candidates.
  • After graduating, one can pursue an M.Sc. You can also begin an internship program simultaneously after completing your graduation.
  • Other courses, such as Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery or General Nursing Midwifery, are also available to the nursing profession. These courses have their own terms and conditions.
  • These studies can be applied and you can start your career as a nurse after you have completed them.

You will be a nurse if you’re passionate. A nurse gets the chance to give back every day. It is an honour to be able to help the needy. They should be praised for their determination and hard work. We often mention a specific doctor or hospital, but we rarely talk about hospitality. They should be praised and thanked for their work.

Essay 3 (500-600 Words) – Nursing Is Another Name for Care

If you believe in charity and want to help others, This profession is available to you. A nurse takes care of you. We feel less alive and have less energy when we’re sick. This makes it difficult to function independently. A nurse is someone who takes care of and provides all the medicine we need on time. They can also help you with any questions or concerns.

How can a nurse help us?
  • All of us will need help at some point in our lives. If you have a family, you are fortunate. It is impossible to stay in the hospital all the time. A nurse is someone who stays with you. They provide timely medication and take care of your health.
  • People hire a nurse to care for them at home.
  • Nurses not only treat patients but also motivate them and show polite behaviour. Although it is difficult to give medicine to children, nurses have unique qualities that make it easy for them to convince them.
  • They do not think about themselves, but they work for us. Sometimes,
    a contaminated illness can make them sick. But they will not stop
    working for us and will always be there for you in any situation.
  • These nurses did their best in the corona epidemic when there was no family member with a corona victim. They were so dangerous, but they took a high risk for us.

The Special Qualities of a Nursing Assistant
  • They are some of the most compassionate creatures on earth. They will take care of your dressings if you have an accident or have a serious injury. They provide pain relief and medicine for patients who have to go through surgery. They are caring and will help you get back to your normal self.
  • They are courageous! Yes, they are. You need the courage to infuse someone; you need the guts to treat a wound. They can do all of these tasks easily. They don’t hesitate to take on any job, no matter how severe or minor.
  • They are excellent communicators. As you would have noticed, nurses make us feel at ease and are able to convince us. They convince many children who would rather run than take their medicines.
Older adults can also become frustrated and act like children. They are very comfortable with nurses and enjoy their company. They build trust and make people feel secure around them.
  • Nurses not only administer injections but, if necessary, they can also provide basic treatment. Imagine a patient suddenly vomiting at night. They don’t wait for the doctor and offer to prescribe medicine. Sometimes, after analysing the situation, they will also prescribe medicine and treat the patient.
  • Nurses are mentally and physically strong. They may have to work long hours. They also have great physical stamina.

Respecting one’s profession is important and it is essential to work hard. This will help them not only to perform better but also allow them to continue learning. No matter what profession we choose, we must continue learning. Nursing is not just a profession, but also a type of social work. Serving a day at a hospital is a great way to see how hard it can be. Respect everyone and help others, no matter how small or large they may be. No matter how wealthy or poor you may be, we all get sick from time to time and require the assistance of a nurse.